Fun Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Love a good floral top for Mother’s Day Brunch!

It’s time to spoil our mamas! With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, a lot of us are on the hunt for that perfect gift. Special and sentimental presents are always a nice touch but what about adding in a little fun, too? I’m loving the idea of a gift basket full of some cheer this year. Check out my fun Mother’s Day gift idea involving a spin on a yummy cocktail, which we all know our moms deserve!

Build a Mother’s Day Gift Basket

I think we can all agree that most mama’s will say they need a cocktail from time to time so creating a basket full of ingredients for a delicious cocktail or some of their favorite drinks to sip on is sure to be a pleaser! The best part is that creating a gift basket full of items is such a fun and simple gift to put together yet is also unique and special to that important person. Need a cocktail recommendation?…I highly suggest an Aperol Spritz! It’s a tasty drink that has an element of fabulous to it, which all mamas need!

Here are the ingredients as well as other great items to consider adding to a cocktail themed gift basket:

  1. Cooler Bag – I love the idea of your basket being a cooler bag for this theme
  2. Aperol – 1 part (3-4 oz)
  3. Prosecco – 1 part (3-4 oz)
  4. Club Soda – Splash (1-2 oz)
  5. Orange – 1 slice for garnish
  6. Wine and Champagne Hand Towel
  7. Automatic Wine Opener
  8. Champagne Shirt
  9. Champagne Pajamas
  10. Winesulator + Tumblers
  11. Wine Glasses
  12. Large Square Ice Cube Tray

Pulling It All Together

Now it’s simply adding all your items to your basket! Be sure to keep it pretty by using some fun tissue paper or you could individually wrap items with cheerful wrapping paper. Gifts like these show how well you know and love the special ladies in your life so take the time to bring it all together with some fabulous touches in the presentation. Also, the options on the types of baskets you could create for your mamas is unlimited so focus on what they love the most and make their day by treating them to their favorite goodies! Much love to all the moms out there…you are the BEST!

Happy Mother’s Day,