Summer Date Night at Home

Add some privacy to your date night at home with some outdoor curtains!

This girl loves nothing more than a night out on the town! Getting dressed up and being served is always appealing!! Sometimes a night at home can be just a nice though…no thinking about what to wear or where to go. Here are some tips for a great summer date night at home!

Date Night at Home Set-Up

When setting up for a date night at home, bring the restaurant feel to you! Set-up the table with your nicest dishes and glasses. Lighting can set the mood so add in some candles and if outside bring in lanterns or a fire. Another great touch is music that reminds you of your favorite spots. Lastly, to enjoy as much time with each other, set-up a beverage tub so you have all you need at hand!

The Menu

Now what to eat! Go all out with a full-on spread of appetizers, a main course and dessert. Don’t forget some great wine, too. Our classic go to is charcuterie, shrimp cocktail, steak, veggies, potatoes and some s’mores. Take your time and enjoy every part as you are in no hurry for once given the table is yours all night!

Time to Make Some Memories

Yep, it’s that simple and makes for a great night together! Some of our greatest memories are nights out on our back patio eating good food, drinking great vino and listening to music that brings us happiness. It’s time to connect, laugh and enjoy all we are lucky to have! Now go make some of your own memories with a summer date night at home!!