Thanksgiving Table Decor on a Budget

Well we’ve hit November so holiday season is officially in full effect! It’s understandable that Christmas often takes center stage during the holiday season as it can absorb most of our funds but that doesn’t mean you can’t make Thanksgiving just as nice. So before you run straight to Christmas, don’t forget to gather and give thanks this month. Here’s how you can start the holiday season right with Thanksgiving table decor on a budget.

Thanksgiving Table Decor

When it comes to Thanksgiving table decor, focus on items that are easy and inexpensive to snag…the less the mess and stress, the better! You don’t have to invest in a fancy tablecloth or elaborate centerpiece. Instead use craft paper to cover the table then handwrite place cards or allow your guest to leave sweet messages. Then, fill the center of your table with small pumpkins, candles and florals/greenery. Such a simple and natural feel!

If you want a more extravagant look, you can always invest in detail pieces. Consider napkin rings, chargers, a table runner or a wooden tray. Just try to purchase items that are versatile so you can take them to other seasons or rooms in your home.

Set the Table

It costs absolutely nothing to set the table so to add a bit of a formal and sophisticated touch, follow these steps:

  1. Place dinner plate in center
  2. Place salad plate on top of dinner plate
  3. Place bowl on top of salad plate
  4. Lay napkin to left
  5. Place fork on napkin
  6. On the right, place knife closest to the plate then the spoon beside it
  7. Directly above knife, place water glass
  8. Slightly above the water glass, place wine glass

Thanksgiving on a Budget Success

You will be sure to enjoy Thanksgiving more if you keep your table decor simple and affordable this year! Invest your time and energy into your friends, family and food. It will make for lasting memories!

Happy Thanksgiving,