Affordable Christmas Decorations

The Perfect Christmas Decoration Tee

Now that we’ve wrapped up Thanksgiving, it’s officially time to bring out all the Christmas decorations..if you haven’t already! Buying Christmas presents can already be costly enough so most of us keep it simple and stick to the same decorations year to year. However, if you are looking to add a few extra touches or completely change up your look this time around, here are a few affordable Christmas Decorations ideas to consider!

Affordable Retailers for Christmas Decorations

When it comes to finding pretty yet affordable Christmas decorations, there are a several retailers that deliver the goods. You may have to search around a bit and take on a few DIY projects, but in the end it’s usually worth the savings. Here are a few retailers that I’ve had luck with so far this season:

  1. Hobby Lobby
  2. Amazon
  3. Target
  4. Michael’s
  5. Walmart

Cost Effective Holiday Decor Finds + DIY Projects

As far as what’s worth the search and hunt process or projects to take on yourself, it all comes down to what you already have on hand and the type of holiday style you want to achieve. I aimed for a natural winter wonderland aesthetic this year (whites, greens and wood). I did have some pieces to work with but also had to search for the best prices to make some changes while definitely tackling some projects, too! Some items worth the buy included a new artificial Christmas tree and various greenery (added faux eucalyptus & faux willow leaves). An item worth a DIY project was a tree collar box.

Celebrate the Season

All in all, don’t put too much pressure on yourself with the decorating! Keep it simple, warm and inviting. Honestly, the glow of a Christmas tree is sometimes all it takes to feel festive while the rest is just a bonus. The most important part is embracing the time with family, friends while celebrating the meaning behind the season.

Happy Holidays,