Christmas Decor Storage

Don’t forget some comfy gear for take down duty!

I swear we just put the Christmas decorations up, yet here we are getting ready to take them down! It’s often a feeling of mixed emotions with part of us not wanting to let go of the holiday season with the other half of us ready to get rid of the “clutter” and start fresh in the New Year! No matter how you feel, here are tips to make your Christmas decor storage process easier!

Christmas Decor Storage Supplies

When it comes to storing your precious Christmas decorations, there are some simple supplies and organizational tips that can help make the process smoother! The more prepared, hopefully the quicker the takedown. First, snag some storage bins in various sizes. You can go with a specific color to signify the contains if you prefer – I use red and green colored ones, making it pretty obvious what they are on the shelfs. Then take it a step further and grab a label maker so you can specifically label each bin and it’s containments. Next, you can get some plastic tags and a marker to label individual pieces so you remember exactly where they go, which will help to speed up the put up process next year. This is especially great for garland pieces that you may have varying sizes of throughout your home.

Christmas Storage Process

Once you have all your supplies, you will want to strategize an attack plan. I arm myself up with some good tunes and a glass of vino so the process doesn’t seem so daunting. It just seems to make it more of an enjoyable event and less of a task. If you have extra hands to help, take them! More is definitely merrier in this process. Heck even the company of your furry best friend is helpful!

That’s it! Have the right supplies on hand, keep it organized and recruit some help! You’ve got this!!

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