Summer Shorts

These Linen Shorts are Comfy + Easy to Dress Up or Down

We’ve officially hit June and the first day of Summer is right around the corner! That means it’s time to pull out all the shorts for the hot temps to come. Jean shorts are classic but let’s be honest not always the most comfortable or breathable in the heat. Now some lightweight pull up shorts on the other hand pack on the coolness and comfort…WIN! Now is the time to stock up on some summer shorts that you will actually want to wear!

When it comes to fabrics other than denim for the Summer, there are several options to consider. Cotton is one of the most common given it is lightweight and breathable. It’s also easy to care for when it comes to washing and drying. Linen is another good option as it’s a natural fiber that will keep you cool and dry. A disadvantage is that it wrinkles easily but that’s just part of this fabric. Another great option is rayon as it’s a cheaper alternative to silk…and we all know how amazing silk feels! It’s a very breathable and comfortable fabric to wear.

Non Denim Summer Shorts


Now time to get our Summer tans going so our legs look golden in our shorts! Bring on Summer!!

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