Summer Sets

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If you are looking to stay on trend this Summer, sets are all the rage! They are such an easy go to outfit and especially great for vacation as you can easily create multiple outfits from just one set. There are also several options are far as styles including dressy to casual and pants, skirts or shorts. Here’s some great Summer Sets to consider as well as some tips for finding the right piece for you!

When shopping for summer sets, here are a few style tips to keep in mind. There are some fabulous Summer colors this year but honestly you will get the most out of a neutral color or at least consider having one on the neutral side in your closet. Ensure the length is comfortable and appropriate whether it’s shorts, pants or skirts as well as an elastic waistband and pockets is always a plus. Fabric wise, cotton is always a win as it’s the most breathable in the hot temps as well as durable. Lastly, choose sets that will allow you to easily wear the pieces separately and that you can dress up or down.

Summer Sets to Shop

I’m styling up some pieces for you in my latest Instagram reel as well – just look for “Summer Sets”!