2022 Fashion Trends I’m Glad I Tried

Coastal Grandmother Style is another Trend I’m Loving!

Fashion trends can be so fun but they can also be a little much or overwhelming to some of us! We get in our own fashion comfort zones and sometimes thinking about adding something new or bringing something back into our wardrobe just doesn’t feel right. I’m here to tell you to definitely do you, but also not be afraid to try trends out. You honestly just never know until you try it at least once or maybe even a few times. Here are some 2022 fashion trends I’m glad I tried this year!

Trends I’ve Tried This Year

Straight Leg Jeans: Yes, I’m one of those girls who didn’t think I could hang up my skinny leg jeans, but I have to say this is the number one trend that I’m so glad came along! It opened my eyes to other styles of jeans and honestly how much more they flatter my figure. I honestly never reach for my skinny jeans anymore at all. I highly recommend you challenge yourself to try-on tons of different styles of jeans, especially going into Fall! I think you will be amazed!!


Dad Sandals: I mean honestly just the name sounds like umm why?!, but they are so comfort and add a casual yet elevated look to a lot of outfits. I invested in an affordable pair at first to see if I would really like and wear them, and then I found myself grabbing for them all the time so I invested in a bit higher quality pair. I strongly recommend adjustable straps.


Wide Leg Trousers: At first these just seemed like too dressy and honestly a bit too mature but they are perfection. I love styling them down a bit with a graphic tees along with dad sandals or sneakers. Then you can turn around and easily dress them up with heels. I recommend not going overly wide legged and ensuring the fit is relaxed yet structured so you don’t look frumpy.


Crop Tops: Baring any tummy skin at 37 seems like a hard no, but yet again I’m here to tell you it’s doable. Now, I do have a few non-negotiable factors when it comes to styling this trend…I always pair with high waisted bottoms, potentially size up if super tight fitting and often layer with a button-up, etc over.


Bucket Hats: Yep, another one that I said absolutely no way to at first! Then I tried it and was like, okay I kinda get it now. They provide good sun coverage and are super comfortable. Just a really cute vibe to them. Basically just wear everything you did in the 90’s, and you are on trend this year!


Have you tried or will you try any of these trends? I’ve styled up all on my instagram for outfit inspo for you!