My Quiet Luxury Handbag Collection

As I’ve worked to build a versatile capsule wardrobe over the past year, I have found handbags to be a vital component. Accessories in general are how I like to show my personal style, which is classic, urban chic and a bit edgy. I have always adored handbags and particularly always leaned into high end designer brands; however, during my wardrobe decluttering and transformation journey, I found that quiet luxury handbags felt to align better with my personal style. Handbags with a minimal style, high quality and fine craftsmanship. Think less loud logos and rather exquisite detailing.

If you are unsure what to look for when on the market for a handbag, I highly recommend you do your research and look at all the details of the bag. Here are some tips that I follow:

  1. Quality Material: real genuine leather
  2. Versatility: convertible styles
  3. Sturdiness + Security: ability to hold the load + fastens well
  4. Functionality: interior/exterior pockets + size
  5. Ease of Styling: fits personal style + lifestyle + color palette

My Current Handbag Collection

  1. Songmont Luna Bag

Versatile bag with two straps and clasp function to wear four ways. Color: ivory / Size: medium

2. Paris / 64 Lumiere

Structured yet unique shaped bag with crossbody strap. Color: taupe / Size: large

3. Polene Numero Dix

Saddlebag with unique curves and additional strap. Color: smooth beige / Size: one size

4. Polene Numero Un Nano

Signature flap bag with blended curves and folds plus crossbody strap. Color: trio camel / Size: small

5. Vasic Bond Mini

Bucket bag with personality and ability to lengthen straps to crossbody. Color: stone / Size: mini

6. Paris / 64 Opera

Sophisticated and timeless satchel bag with adjustable strap. Color: coco cognac Size: one size

7. Vasic Ever Mini Mini

Elegant day to night front buckle bag with crossbody strap. Color: black / Size: mini mini

8. ATP Atelier Assisi

Sleek and structured bag with two strap options. Color: turtle / Size: one size

Hope these tips and seeing my collection helps you in your handbag hunt! Please know, you by no means need this many bags. The number is up to you, your lifestyle and personal style! Again, handbags are where I show my personality so I choose to have a variety of shapes, colors and sizes to elevate my outfits.