Simple Home Primary Bathroom

When it came to our primary bathroom, the goal was to keep it simple and organized. We also wanted the space to feel as open and bright as possible with there only being one window. We lost a storage closet given our extra large shower room (originally our layout included a massive tub that we opted out of and rather put in a long shower bench … we use a storage closet in the hallway next to our bedroom for overflow supplies and put a tub in our guest bathroom) so being tidy was a priority.

It took multiple rounds but we were able to land on some great and affordable storage solutions that fit well for under the sink and drawers as well as caddies in the shower to maximize the space. For finishing touches we opted for a runner rug, afforable artwork, counter tray and some stylish hooks. We hope to change out the mirrors and lighting in time to elevate the space more.

By far the best part of the space is the large shower room for us, as it’s a game changer if you have the space to spare, and doing marble look-a-like tile from the floors to the walls … however, the white is beautiful and bright but hard to keep clean!! Some cons are the limited storage and lack of natural light. But overall, it’s turned out to be a relaxing and well organized space that gets the job done!

The Turnout

Space in Action

Hope this provides some simple, calming and relaxing bathroom inspiration for you!