The way I see it, life is too short so it's time to take the leap, make the change and live life to the fullest!

My name is Lindsey Weaver, and I'm a type A, neurotic with a major home and fashion addiction! I'm a married woman to a man who know nothing social media but never bats an eye at a project! We share the coolest labby named Boz, who's the best accessories a girl could ask for! Despite saying we would never be suburban people, we currently live in Carmel, IN and truly adore its charm and character. That's why we recently decided to downsize our home life and take on the city life in our downtown. We are almost middle aged with no kiddos by choice, yes, by choice, so the move just feels right. Most would call me "extra" but we hope to create a more simple homestyle and start living with less stress (and my massive anxiety)! I have a degree in Occupational Therapy and enjoy using the creative energy that stems from my past work into my now full-time blog. I am so excited to share my life and style with you and thank you so much for following along!

About THe BLogger

xoxo, Lindsey Weaver

Above the L.A.W Style was created to inspire others in how to develop a fashion and homestyle that they truly love and feel their best in! You'll find that I share about my shift to embrace an intentional homestyle and simple fashion. Why the shift?! As an almost middle aged woman, It's become more and more clear to me that debilitating stress and anxiety has been a big part of my life, and I've come to realize that the more and more that I add to it in hopes to fit in or feel better, actually only makes me feel worse. It's not a process that will happen over night but rather a journey to develop a new lifestyle for my health and wellbeing. I know It won't be easy, I'll probably have setbacks and major fails along the way, but I've got to try to make a change and hope it helps some others along the way!

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