Affordable Thanksgiving Home Decor Ideas to Cozy Up your Home

Love to cozy up my Fall wardrobe too with affordable flannels, like this one from Target!

Do you decorate your home for Thanksgiving? I do and definitely get it from my mama!! Ever since I can remember, she has been decking out our family home for every holiday or season. It’s always a show stopping display and everyone LOVES it…just feels like home! So I couldn’t imagine not doing the same in our household now that I’m in the adulting mode.

We embrace a farmhouse style in our home so enjoy rustic, vintage and soft colors with some splashes of bold and fun. The goal of our home is for it to always be charming, comfortable and cozy. So the Fall holidays should only enhance it’s charm and welcome family and friends in!

The front porch is my starting place. For me, it’s go big or go home in this space as I feel like it’s the first area that people see and notice about your home. I first like to change up the plants in our porch pots. This may be a Fall sin in some people’s eyes, but I am not a fan of mums…I know, I know! I prefer cabbage, pansies and other hardy leaf plants. Why?!…I adore the colors, they are easy to maintain, grow easily and last longer.

I also like to add cornstalks to frame our entryway way. I tie several bunches together then secure with hooks where desired. I then spruce up our door wreath with Fall florals. Lastly, I’ve got to have pumpkins! I prefer non-traditional pumpkins of varying colors and shapes/sizes…the more unique, the better! I like to play around with how I place them, often stacking or leaning them against one another.

As far as Fall interior decorations go, I keep it simple with splashes of fall florals and decor pumpkins in our entryway, on our dining room table and scattered around the kitchen. I am a bit obsessed with wreaths (I mean they scream farmhouse vibe!) so I often add some florals to those as well throughout the house. As far as colors go, I like neutrals with hints of bright, like burnt orange and mustard yellow. For decor pumpkins, I prefer white, wood, wicker and burlap. 

Fall is my favorite time of the year so I really enjoy decorating our home to represent all the beautiful colors and to create a “harvest feel“. Easily snag my affordable Thanksgiving outfit and home decor by visiting my “Shop” page. I would love to hear how you decorate your home for Thanksgiving, too so drop a comment in my latest post…can’t wait to hear about all things Fall from you!

Happy Thanksgiving,