DIY Christmas Decorations

Nothing pairs better with DIY Christmas Decorations than a perfect holiday flannel!

Want your home to turns heads this Christmas season but don’t want to break the bank doing it? I’ve got you covered! I love to dream up simple yet show stopping holiday decoration ideas and luckily I have my very own Clark “Sparky” Griswold and Snots (He’s actually no help!) to help make my dreams come true every year!

If you aren’t covered in pine needles and sparkles during the holiday season, I swear you are missing out! However, the thought of spending tons of time and money on Christmas decorations can feel overwhelming too many so the decorations often get nixed, especially on the outside. I’ve been there myself but have found great ways to spruce up our house on a budget!

DIY Christmas Decorations: Holiday Pots

I adore potted holiday arrangements with fresh greens but I do not adore the price tag, and the fact that they only last for one season. I therefore decided to take matters into my own hands this year and create my own holiday pots that will last for years to come. Supplies: pots (went with heavy plastic material), garland, lights, pine cones (could buy a small bunch as more cost effective option), birch branches (snagged ours from our local grocery store at a great price) and ribbon (can use leftover for wrapping presents).

To arrange, you will wrap lights around the garland then place in pots. Tie the birch branches together with string so they stay in place and then wrap the pine cones with ribbon around one of the branches. Plug in the lights and enjoy!

DIY Christmas Decorations: Window Wreaths

My obsession with wreaths on the inside of our home makes for no surprise that I would want to incorporate them on the outside for Christmas! I have always loved the look of wreaths on windows but figured it would be too expensive and also wondered how to get them to stay in place…Guess what!? I figured it out! Supplies: wreaths (best deal is at Hobby Lobby with their 50% off Christmas Decorations at ~$5) and ribbon (I prefer burlap given our farmhouse style).

To hang, you will want to cut ribbon sections of the same length to ensure all wreaths match up when placed. You will loop the ribbon around the top of the wreath, ensuring the ribbon is even on both sides. The top pane of our windows slide down so the wreaths can be placed right outside the window with the ribbon secured in place as the windows are slid back into place and locked. So easy and oh so pretty!

There are so many fun and affordable DIY Christmas decoration projects that can make your home scream holiday cheer! I hope these are a few that make your list this year or in the near future as I promise you will love them and get all the holiday feels…one of our neighbors told me the other day how pretty our decorations were and how it made his family want to get out and decorate! Check out my “shop” page to snag all these items and explore more Christmas decoration ideas!

Happy Holiday Decorating!