Christmas Present Wrapping Tricks and Tips

Christmas Present Wrapping Calls for Festive Gear!

Want the prettiest presents under your Christmas tree this year? I’m sharing some fun and affordable Christmas present wrapping tricks and tips to help you create that wow factor! Now, first things first, grab the vino, turn on the Christmas movies or music and wear some festive cozies…maybe grab a few helpers too (one of mine has fur) as this is a full on event!

Take it Back to the Basics

So how do you come up with fun and unique ways to wrap up all the goodies you’ve snagged for your loved ones but not break the bank in doing it?! Simple! Take it back to basic supplies and add your own flare rather than buying pretty patterned wrapping paper, bags and boxes that can be pricey (and likely go to waste in the long run).

Supplies + Process

Where to start?! Grab some simple brown craft wrapping paper, boxes and bags. These are super affordable and a blank canvas to add your stamp to. Plus, they can easily be utilized for gifts year round – no waste! Don’t forget fun printed tissue paper and ribbon as that will bring extra character to each gift.

Next is where the fun comes! To really add some charm to the presents, snag some holiday stencils, acrylic paint and paint brushes to create cute graphics and sayings. As far as name tags go, save money by ditching them and making each gift more personal with handwritten names and messages using a paint marker.

That’s a Wrap

And that’s it! The finished products show so much more love and personalization than any store bought paper! The bonus is that you’ve created a fun and festive holiday project for yourself and family. I recommend you give it a try and test out different supplies to make it your own…my hubby pulled out spray paint to do a few, and all I can say is winning!

Happy wrapping,