Christmas Wish List 2020

When a graphic tee nails it!

You’re never too old to have a Christmas wish list! Still looking for some last minute Christmas gift ideas or gift card options? I’m sharing my Christmas wish list this year, which is full of fashion, beauty and home items – big and small – that would definitely bring a smile to my face!

Fashion Line-Up

Fashion trends! Have you tried any this year but maybe are wanting to give some others a go still?! What better time than Christmas to ask for a few?! Side Note: I always provide an overly long list as feel like the more options and price ranges, the better. So in no particular order here is my fashion line-up:

Faux Leather Joggers

Designer Inspired Sweatshirt

Designer Inspired Bracelet

Designer Inspired Tights


Chelsea boots

Purse (I mean one splurge item has to make the list!)

Beauty Round-Up

Beauty items that you’ve been eyeing but just haven’t added to your cart this year are perfect items for your Christmas wish list! Are you like me and often want to try the newest products that everyone is raving about but don’t want to drop the money on them? Here’s your chance to finally try a few and these are some of my current faves:

One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer


Lip Mask

Lip Set

Home Hopes

You know all those latest and greatest gadgets you’ve been wanting for your home but never buy?! Those should definitely hit your Christmas wish list! Or maybe you want to spruce up or change the decor in one of your rooms? Or could those wine glasses of yours use a major update? Whatever it is, now is the time to ask and here are some items to consider:

Candle Set

Designer Inspired Wine Glasses



Fire Pit (This is actually on my hubby’s list but would be enjoyed by me too!)

Whether you are still looking for gifts, need gift card options or you are game planning what you will spend your Christmas money on after the holiday, keep this list in your back pocket for some ideas. I’m not going to lie, I’m excited to see what I score from my list this year but also can’t wait to see what surprises I receive from loved ones. But most importably I’m super pumped to hand out gifts to our loved ones and see their reactions! What are you most excited to give and/or receive this year?

Happy (last minute) shopping,