Easy Holiday Cocktail: Cranberry Moscow Mule

Nothing pairs better with a holiday cocktail like a pair of stud stilettos

The Christmas tree isn’t the only thing getting lit this holiday! I’m normally a vino girl all the way but sometimes the holidays call for some tasty cocktail concoctions. Moscow Mules are a great drink all year round but adding a bit of holiday flare can make for some real fun. Here’s my favorite easy holiday cocktail of a Cranberry Moscow Mule for you!

Cranberry Moscow Mule Supplies

Trying out some yummy holiday cocktails can be such an enjoyable couple or family affair! Ones with easy to find or already on hand supplies are even better. Supplies needed for a Cranberry Moscow Mule include:

Copper Mug

Ice – I used candy cane + snowflake molds to add some extra holiday dazzle!


Ginger Beer

Cranberry Juice


Rosemary Sprig

Cranberry Moscow Mule Recipe

The Cranberry Moscow Mule recipe is so simple and a blast to mix together. Just follow these simple steps to pour the best cocktail:

  1. Fill copper mug with ice
  2. Squeeze lime wedge over ice
  3. Pour 1 part vodka
  4. Pour 1 part cranberry juice
  5. Top with 2 part ginger beer
  6. Gently stir with rosemary sprig garnish to combine
  7. Top off with frozen cranberries and additional lime if desired

Enjoy Your Holiday Cocktail

Now snuggle up by the Christmas tree or fireplace and sip away all night on your pretty and yummy holiday cocktail! I promise everyone will be asking for the recipe or for you to make them one. There are so many easy ways to glam up to your favorite cocktails – I love simply adding a splash of cranberry juice to my beloved Prosecco for the holidays, too! Tell me what some of your go to holiday cocktails are!?