My Top 2020 Fashion Trends

Affordable lounge wear and a coffee mug that says it all to sum up 2020!;)

I’m ready to put 2020 to bed! It’s been one hell of a sh#%show year, and I’ll be happy to move forward and leave this mess behind!! Now the only thing I hope not to leave behind are some of the fashion trends. So in no particular order here are some of my top 2020 fashion trends.


Lounge wear took center stage this year with an entirely new meaning and approach. My favorite is to elevate the look by pairing with a statement pair of sneakers or combat boots, baseball cap and long tailored coat. Essentially a hoodie paired with a long coat or blazer is now a wardrobe staple in my book!

Tie Dye

This 60’s throwback made a big punch this year! Tie Dye of bright colors helped to lift our spirits in the Spring and then continued into the Fall in the form of neutrals and dark colors. Our beloved lounge wear definitely took to the trend too with lots of tie dye set options.

Bike Shorts

Another big trend that took storm this year! I mean it was only a matter of time that we figured out a way to get our leggings feeling into the warmer weather months. Pairing bike shorts with oversized graphic tees made for another comfy gear option during our at home months.

90’s Nostalgia

Now this is a trend that I’ve easily gotten behind! I’m an 80’s baby but my fashion years really started in the 90’s so to see some of it come back has given me all the teen years feels. Give me all the combat boots, Chelsea boots, puffer coats, flannel shirts, oversized band tees and scrunchies!

Chain Necklaces

Another trend I have absolutely gotten onboard with! Adding a layer of chain necklaces in various sizes and shapes can completely transform an outfit. I even love to mix metals as well as really like to incorporate my initial or initials. Now what I don’t love is breaking the bank to feed my trend addiction so I’ve resorted to cost effective options through Amazon.

This list rounds out a few of my favorite 2020 fashion trends! What I love most is how they all can intertwine with each other to make the best stand out outfits. Some other trends I really enjoyed this year are puff sleeves, animal prints, statement sneakers, and shackets. I’m looking forward to 2021 and keeping these trends alive!

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Happy 2021,