Winter Front Porch Decor

Add extra farmhouse style by adding house numbers to your door!

Struggle with a sad looking front porch after Christmas? Our space is shining during the holiday but quickly changes to blah after it all comes down! It’s not ready for a Spring look yet and no flowers given our cold climate but something is needed! So here is an affordable and achievable Winter front porch decor look for you!

Winter Front Porch Supplies

A winter front porch upgrade does not have to include all new items or break the bank! I utilized supplies on hand and did a DIY project to achieve the pretty neutral look I was wanting. First, I kept our birch branches from the Christmas decor and retied them with jute twine (style tip: wrap the twine around the branches several times for a prettier look). Next, I brought back our welcome sign, lantern and potted greenery from our Spring/Summer/Fall porch decor.

To add some new touches, I purchased a reclaimed wood ladder. I adore this piece as can transition into other seasons easily or be utilized inside the house. Lastly, I bought a new grapevine wreath and added a softer touch to it with some white spray paint. To finish the look, I added some pretty eucalyptus stems and neutral plaid ribbon. To tie it all together, a statement doormat was put in place!

Putting It All Together

Now to set it all up! This is honestly just a try it and see it type of process! I start with a layout in mind, look back at it and then move around the pieces in different positions to see what I like the best. I even leave it up for a few days to see how I feel about and rearrange as needed. That’s it!

Given that your front porch is the first area your guests see as they enter your home, it’s always my mission to make it as welcoming as possible! It is the start to your home space and reflects your style of living. Make it an extension of your home and invite your friends and family in!

Happy home living,