My At Home Workouts

My at home workouts often include a long walk with my furry friend in my favorite leggings!

A New Year often brings new fitness goals! I’m no perfect representation of fitness but I definitely enjoy getting myself moving daily to burn off some stress. It’s so therapeutic for me! Now the cost behind it can actually cause stress so I do my best to utilize all the FREE resources out there. Here are some of my favorite at home workouts!

BodyFit by Amy

Looking for some strengthening and cardio at home workouts? Amy is your girl! She’s a personal trainer and fitness instructor who specializes in circuit and interval training. She offers a variety of workouts from kettlebell, dumbbell, bodyweight, yoga, pilates, and much more. Her videos also vary in length as well as focus area(s), providing tons of options. I also subscribe to her free newsletter which offers great fitness and nutritional information monthly. Check out her website here.

Tracy Campoli

Want some toning at home workouts in your life? I adore sessions by Tracy for that! She has a dance background and promotes creating a body you love and positive self-esteem by doing workouts you truly enjoy….all without restrictive dieting and crazy long sessions. She offers snippets of her Total Body Transformation program for free, which I utilize like crazy, especially for arms and abs. It’s made a big difference in providing me some definition in those trouble areas! Check out her website here.

Chloe Ting

All about quick intense at home workouts? I love to turn on Chloe for those! This girl really knows how to challenge your body and get you sweating quick. Her free workouts vary in length as well as type, which provides for a lot of options. Her challenge programs are killer and really can produce results if you stick with it. I also enjoy that her challenges are often in focus areas like booty, legs (thighs), arms and core. I can definitely say that I feel the burn during Chloe’s workouts! Check out her website here.

If you are seeking free and result producing workouts, I have to say these ladies provide that! Each are so different which I love as gives me great variety and options as I get too bored otherwise. These are just a few of my favorites but there are so many others focusing on all types of workouts. You have to find who you like and what works for you…but one thing that always works for me is FREE! No excuses when you throw that into the mix!

Here’s to getting our body moving,