Affordable Kitchen Organization

Someone thinks all snacks are for him! Umm nope…paws off my Pirate’s Booty dude!!

Organization! It can be quite the challenge and expensive as all get out, right?! Luckily being a type A personality, having OCD tendencies and a lover of deals makes organizing on a budget one of my favorite hobbies! One area that can be the trickiest to keep tidy is often the kitchen, particularly the pantry and refrigerator so here are some of my favorite affordable kitchen organization finds to help!

Affordable Pantry Organization

So are you a family that lives for snacks like we do and are always on the go?! The pantry is usually a pretty stoked space in most households…including for the dog! Plus, running through life is a legit feeling most days for many so an organized kitchen pantry is a must. To keep things simple and clean, here are several affordable items to help.

  1. Plastic Baskets (recommend an assortment of sizes)
  2. Labels
  3. Large Woven Basket (dog treat supplies – yes, he’s very spoiled!)
  4. Canisters
  5. Pop Container Set
  6. Can Rack
  7. Dog Food Tin
Adding fun farmhouse peel and stick wallpaper to this space made all the difference!

Refrigerator Storage

Now what about your refrigerator status? Is it a hot unorganized mess?! Like stacks of items on items kind of vibe usually, resulting in spills and items not staying fresh? To keep a better order, prettier appearance and items fresher, here are some affordable kitchen organization items that can really make a difference.

  1. Stackable Bins
  2. Lazy Susan Turntable
  3. Egg Holder
  4. Produce Storage
  5. Shelf Liner
Only two of us makes a big difference…I feel for large families and fridge space challenges!

So are you feeling inspired to knock out some kitchen organization?! I hope so as keeping your pantry and refrigerator tidy can honestly make all the difference in how you eat and feel! Yes, it can take a bit of planning and searching for the right items, but in the end it’s totally worth it. Plus, the best part about storage and organization buys is that they typically last for a long time and don’t go out of style!

Happy organizing,