My Favorite Dog Supplies

Anyone else just want to hang with their dog all the time?!

Do you have a furry friend?! If you’ve been following me for awhile you will know that our white Labrador Retriever, Boz, completes our family and brings so much love and joy to us! So it only seems fitting to celebrate and share some of his favorite dog supplies for upcoming National Love Your Pet Day!

Dog Supplies: Food & Treats

Does your four legged best friend live for food?! Boz is a maniac when it comes to his belly and has absolutely no consciousness of being full so we try our best to put good stuff in front of him…along with some occasional cheats! We have have always fed him Merrick Dog Food and love to autoship through Chewy.  

As far as treats go, we opt for a healthy option of Hill’s Prescription Diet Dental Care Dog Food. Don’t let the name fool you as it is indeed a dog food but comes in perfect bite size pieces that Boz adores while helping his teeth and waistline. They do require a prescription from your veterinarian but that’s easy to obtain through Chewy as well. 

Now if you are looking for longer lasting treats, Boz is a big fan of Redbarn Naturals. As the name tells, the ingredients as they are all natural and contain no rawhide. Boz’s favorites are bully slices and food rolls, which is great to use in interactive toys. These aren’t an everyday treat and rather a once or a few times per week goodie.

Dog Approved: Toys & Activities

Now playtime! Is your pup a major wiggle butt or more of a lay like a rug all day long type? Boz is a good combination of both with lots of sleep sessions throughout the day paired with a long walk and some tug of war. He is heavy toy chewer – luckily only his toys! – so we’ve had to try lots of different types to find the most durable. West Paw so far are the only to withstand!

Another activity that Boz adores is the FitPAWS peanut. This is a great way to exercise him when the weather is not great for walking as it provides great fitness and cognitive stimulation. This is an activity that can take a some time to get used to for both handler and dog but can be so much fun. Boz goes crazy over even the sight of it and is always worn out by the end!

Given all the love and comfort pets bring us, it’s only natural that they become a big part of our families.  We therefore treat them like any other family member, buying them the best to ensure their health and happiness. I hope you have a furry companion that makes your life better and that you spoil them with goodies like we do! Here’s to celebrating the unconditional love they provide us everyday but especially on National Love Your Pet Day!

Dog Mama,