Skincare Routine for Problematic Skin

Keeping my skincare routine stylish with the cutest plush bow headband

Suffer with problematic skin? If so, I definitely feel your pain! I had my normal teenage years of breakouts but it doesn’t compare to the hormonal acne I have been struggling with for over the past year. It’s taken a lot of time, money and confidence from me but I finally have products that are showing results so want to share my current go to skincare routine!

Visit your Dermatologist

Think you can develop your own skincare routine to beat your problematic skin? Yeah so did I, but in the end all I did was throw tons of money at the problem and made my skin worse. I finally visited by dermatologist and the in house estheticians for some expert advice and product recommendations. It was the best decision I ever made, and I wish I had done it sooner!

Products for Problematic Skin

Do you think that the more products and expensive brands, the better for your skincare routine? Not true for me. I brought my face cleanser back to the basics with CeraVe – it’s simple and non-irritating. To keep my pores unclogged and skin hydrated, I added in some medical grade products including Element 47 Skin Fortifying Mist and Zerafite Soothing and Calming Moisturizer. These all are been game changers for my skin leaving it feeling clean, smooth and nourished.

Prescription Medication Options

Open to trying some prescription skin medications for your problematic skin? I have to be honest that is a big part of why I avoided the dermatologist. However, it’s been a big part of my clearer skin. Topical wise I have been utilizing Dapsone and Differin Gel (now sold over-the-counter). These can do wonders but can be very drying to the skin so that’s why a good moisturizer is key. Also, be sure to ask for generic brands to save money!

Topicals alone not doing the trick? Adding a prescription medication may be needed. I honestly hoped to avoid this but ultimately had to give it a go and after some trial and error landed on Spironolactone. I’m by no means a doctor but understand it’s primarily utilized to treat high blood pressure but can help with hormonal imbalance, too. I take a very small dose every evening at bedtime, and it has made a big difference.

Skincare Routine Consistency

The mix of over-the-counter, medical grade and prescription products are making a significant impact on my skincare routine for my problematic skin. My skin feels healthy and is the most clear is has been in a long time! Now this hasn’t been something that has happened overnight and rather has taken time, patience and consistency on my part. I also know that things can always change so will continue to monitor with my dermatologist as well as consider additional skin treatments and enhancements with my esthetician so stay tuned!

Here’s to healthy skin,