Spacekit: Customizable Wall Decor

Loving my completed upgraded home office space!

Wall decor is often what brings personality and style to our living spaces, making a house a home! It often represents you and how you want your home to look and feel. What’s particularly fun is incorporating statement pieces that are eye catching and bring life to rooms. Ones that are easy to install and take minimal time and effort, are even better. If looking for a one of a kind and customizable wall decor piece to liven things up in your home, Spacekit is the answer!

Customizable Wall Decor Experience

Why Spacekit? It offers not only unique pieces but a fun experience along the way as well as simple installation. You can literally be the artist in selecting every detail of your artwork including pattern, finish and color. There is also a design space in which you can play with the spacing, orientation and backdrop so you can see exactly what the piece will look like in your space.

Spacekit Delivery & Installation

What’s delivery and installation like? Spacekit keeps the process seamless with timely arrival and high quality packaging to ensure product protection. With installation, all pieces are well organized for easy assembly along with thorough written instructions and videos available. Minimal to no tools are required as leveling is built within the framing pieces. Plus, expect few to no holes in the wall given the command hook style framing. Here is a brief overview of the easy installation process:

  1. Unpack materials and review assembly written instructions and/or videos
  2. Find center of wall as starting point of framing (advise use of a measuring tape)
  3. Apply command hook piece to wall
  4. Slide in framing piece
  5. Continue to apply command hooks for each section of framing
  6. Utilize bridging pieces to connect and secure frame sections together
  7. Determine your preferred artwork pattern
  8. Snap panels into each section to develop pattern
  9. Enjoy your artwork

Project Complete

Now isn’t that a snap?! Not only is Spacekit installation easy but this customizable wall decor allows for simple pattern changes in order to develop an entirely new look whenever you want. It can also be moved to a different space with ease and little to no damage to walls. It’s essentially like no other artwork in its design and installation process, bringing a unique and fun style aspect to you home. It will ultimately be the most eye catching piece you own! Shop with my discount code STYLE20 for 20% off your oder.

Happy home decorating,