Guest Bedroom Update

A statement piece of wall art helps to add some charm to any room!

Be our guest! One of the best parts of having a home is being able to host friends and family, and creating a guest bedroom that is comfy and cozy really helps to welcome your guests. Here are some ideas for an easy guest bedroom update that won’t break the bank yet will add just the right touches to the space!

Guest Bedroom: Bedding

When it comes to bedding in a guest bedroom, keeping the comforter or duvet neutral allows ease in changing up the style. You can then quickly spruce up the bedding by adding colorful throw pillows. Another simple update to add a punch is a pretty throw blanket or quilt on the end of the bed. In coordination with the bedding, think about adding textured curtains to add extra brightness to the room.

Bedroom Update: Decor

As far as decor, including pieces that will provide some luxury like feels to the space for your guests is extra welcoming. Consider diffusers, room sprays or candles. Florals in a pretty vase or basket always add some color and comfort to the room. Also, the addition of a table lamp for some reading light and an accessories tray for personal belongings help to create a functional space.

Time to Host

Now it’s time to invite some guests over to enjoy your guest bedroom update! Having a room that provides comfort and all the essentials will definitely keep your guests happy and coming back. Outside of the guest bedroom, ensure to the stock your guest bathroom with fancy toiletries to give a hotel style stay…your guests may never leave or at least will be telling everyone your house is the place to stay!

Happy home,