My Birthday Wish List

80’s Baby All the Way!

You are never too old to have a birthday wish list, right?!! I mean you only live once! August is one of my favorite months not only because it’s my birthday month, but also because I love that it’s the last hooray for Summer but also exciting as Fall is approaching. Plus, Virgos rule the world!! If you have an approaching birthday or just want to spoil yourself, here are some great gift ideas from my birthday wish list this year!

Birthday Splurge Items

When it comes to birthdays, it’s your one day to do what you want, be with who you want and maybe even buy something you really want. It’s cliche to say, but we have no clue what life is going to throw our way so your existence should most certainly be celebrated and never taken for granted. So why not treat yourself to a high end item or who knows maybe someone will spoil you with one, too, on your birthday! The splurge worthy list:

  1. Burberry Bum Bag
  2. Gucci Slide Sandals
  3. David Yurman Ring
  4. Gucci Watch
  5. Gucci Wallet

Fun & Affordable Birthday Wish List Items

Now even though splurge items are so fun to receive, there is nothing better than getting a one of a kind gift or experience for your birthday. Personalized gifts as well as gift cards for a day of treating yourself are always a win. Etsy can be a great place to snag items of that sort as well as local boutiques and spas. Unique gifts list:

  1. Designer Inspired Sweatshirt
  2. Designer Inspired Tote
  3. Designer Inspired Watch Band
  4. Woven Bracelet
  5. Spa Day

It’s the Celebration for Me

So all and all gifts are nice but honestly it’s the celebrating with the ones I love that makes the day special for me! A day to just have fun and appreciate my life and those I have in it. Some cocktails and cake never hurts, too!

The birthday girl,