Top Trending Fall 2021 Colors

Adding a touch of pink for Fall this year!

Bring on the pumpkin spice and fall foliage! My favorite time of year when the air starts to get crisp and new color hues start to take center stage in our home and wardrobe. Browns and oranges are often big players in the Fall game, but there are definitely other colors to bring into your style. Here are the top trending fall 2021 colors to bring into your life as the seasons change this year!

Trending Fall 2021 Colors Playlist

When it comes to adding boldness to your outfits, color selection can play a big part. We often attract to adding darker colors to our Fall style, which is great, but doesn’t always necessarily have to be the case. When approaching Fall this season, consider these gorgeous hues to add: bold fuchsia, sunny yellow, emerald green and cobalt blue.

Styling Fall 2021 Colors

As we style for Fall, we often lean towards our staples of adding jeans and booties to our outfits. This is definitely a solid choice but don’t be shy to consider other options. Try pairing long sleeve tops and sweaters with skirts, shorts and over dresses as it’s something about the mix and balance of that look that really makes a statement.

Another Fall piece we often add to our wardrobe is hats. Again, another great addition but if you are looking for other statement accessories consider these: kerchiefs, hobo bags, bigs sunglasses, statement belts and stackable rings.

Bring Fall into Your Style

Now it’s time to plan your Fall style! Play with all the colors and wear what makes you feel and look your best. It’s all about making it your own and keeping it fun. So let’s embrace the changing season and make a statement!

Happy Fall,