How to Make Your House Cozy for Fall

Cozy up your fall fashion too with a chenille sweater!

Happy first day of Fall! It’s officially time to start to bring all the Fall vibes into our lives including our homes. Many of us like to warm up our home spaces as the weather starts to cool down. Luckily you don’t have to drop a fortune to get a homey Fall feel but rather just add or change up a few items. Here’s a few simple ways on how to make your house cozy for fall

Add Some Fall Layers

When it comes to adding some Fall feels to your home, first consider changing or adding to your color scheme, include warm tones. From there, try adding in some plush layers. Throw pillows and blankets are often the ultimate layering pieces to grab for. These will instantly provide a great amount of coziness and warmth. Another great way to layer is with area rugs. Try a pretty patterned rug on top of a larger solid colored rug. It will add a great look and feel to any room.

If you want additional layers of fall in your home, you can add table runners, decor pumpkins or florals on various tables in your home – entryway, side, dining and so on. Wreaths often bring a touch of Fall too, inside or outside your home. You can also layer the air with yummy candles and diffusers, which will easily create a Fall scent and ambience.

Cozy For Fall with Fabrics

When making your Fall decor selections, consider choosing fabrics that provide extra warmth and comfort. Some great options are thick knits, wool, corduroy, leather, suede, tweed, and velvet. An easy way to incorporate any of these fabrics is in your bedding. You can swap out your duvet or comfortable, add throw pillows and blankets quickly to give a rich fall atmosphere. Also, think about pushing these fabrics into your other Fall decor items. It will tie all your spaces together nicely.

Enjoy Your Cozy Home

Now it’s time to enjoy all the coziness! If you have a fireplace, don’t forget to start to prep it for the cooler days and nights, too. Get a line up of your favorite shows and movies ready. Then grab your plush blanket and glass of wine for a cozy up session next to the fireplace…nothing better for a Fall night in!

Happy Fall,