Layering Pieces for Fall

All the shackets please!

It’s that time of year when you wear a sweater in the morning feeling great and then regret it by the afternoon! With the temperamental weather, you have to dress to be ready for whatever comes your way. The best way to accomplish this is with layers. Here is an easy guide to becoming a pro on layering pieces for Fall!

Start with Base Layers

When it comes to layering think about it as a three step process: base layers, mid layers and outer layers. Depending on the temps, choose base layers that you can go down to on their own if you get warm. Some easy bases are tees (short and long sleeve), camis and turtlenecks. These are great pieces as they are aren’t too bulky so will be comfortable under other layers.

Mid Layering Pieces

Next you will want to select a mid layer. Depending on the occasion, you can easily dress your outfit up or down with your mid layer. Some essential mid layers can include blazers, cardigans (short and long) and shackets. These pieces help to bring structure to your outfit and often keep you warm enough along with your base layer depending on the weather.

End with Outer Layers

If the weather is extra cool, you will want to top your look off with an outer layer. Some staple outer pieces to consider investing in include leather jackets, lightweight wool coats and vests. These are items that will last for a long time and not go out of style. If you need more warmth, grab for a scarf and beanie.

Mix and Match Your Layering Pieces for Fall

Now that you have the layering process down and essential pieces, you can mix and match to create multiple outfits all season long. Pro Tip: Always carry a mid or outer layer with you for the cool mornings, warm days and back to cool evenings. Layering will keep you stylish all Fall while also staying cool and warm as needed!

Happy layering,