Fall Coffee Bar

Add more Fall touches with some colorful dish towels!

Coffee is my love language all year long but especially as Fall starts to settle in with cooler temps! I love a good latte at a local coffee shop but also really enjoy challenging my barista skills at home. To create the full effect, I’ve established a Fall coffee bar where I can create some of my own yummy coffee goodness, and I am sharing it with you!

Coffee Machine + Accessories

First things first, you will need a great coffee machine(s) to be the center of your coffee bar. To save space and money, consider a machine that is a one stop shop for making plain coffee to lattes. Don’t forget to stock up on all your favorite ground coffee or k-cups as well as some Fall statement mugs to enjoy your brew in, too. To keep accessories organized and add style, use a basket or tiered stand.

Fall Coffee Bar Supplies

In order to create some tasty lattes, you will also want to invest in some yummy syrups. I like to have some traditional staples on hand, like vanilla, but to bring Fall into the mix I often add pumpkin spice or maple bourbon options. Having some sugar and cinnamon on hand is another great addition to your coffee bar. Don’t forget stir sticks, too!

Make it Fall

To bring Fall style to your coffee bar add in decor pieces, with florals, wreaths and candles being great options. You could also hit your local pumpkin patch and add in decorative pumpkins and gourds. These little touches will really give your coffee bar a true Fall feel!

Now that your Fall Coffee Bar is all set-up, you can start to put your barista skills to the test by creating coffee creations to get your morning started and keep your belly warm!

Coffee addict,