DIY Closet Remodel

Go bold with a primary color then add splashes of other complimentary colors … pink obviously took center stage paired with pretty blues for my closet!

Carrie Bradshaw said it best, “I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.” The way I see it, a woman’s closet is her haven. A place to display all your pretties and dream up your next outfit. Your closet should represent your style and be a well organized space. Keep it budget friendly by putting in the work yourself. Here is how I conquered my DIY closet remodel.

Closet Furniture Pieces

When it comes to closet furniture and storage, there are a ton of great closet units out there but many come with a hefty price tag. To keep costs down, I rather opted for a cube storage bookcase and added legs to the piece for a more high end look. The piece is perfect for t-shirt storage and display. A closet island is often a dream item but can easily be achieved if you take the creative route of an alternative unit, like a craft table. Just like the bookcase, I styled it up with new knobs and storage bins. It’s become the perfect jewelry storage space as well as a place to layout my outfits.

DIY Closet Organization

For a closet to be functional, organization is key! It can take time to hunt and search for the perfect storage solutions, but it’s totally worth it. It was often a trial and error process for me to find the best pieces (tip: Amazon was a great shopping option given easy returns!). These are some of the organization finds I’ve put to good use:

  1. Honeycomb Separator Drawer Organizer Divider
  2. Shelf Dividers
  3. Purse Organizer
  4. Jewelry Tray
  5. Boot Hangers
  6. Shirt Folding Board

Make it Yours

To add personality to your closet, add some pieces that are personal to you and make a statement! Incorporating peel and stick wallpaper was high on my list but instead of placing on a wall, I opted on shelves which provided such a unique touch. Wall decor was another top priority for me, landing on a standout neon sign and designer inspired wall art. Lastly, a colorful rug, chandelier, mirror and ottoman sealed the deal for my DIY closet remodel! Stay tuned for a full tour on my IG feed!

Closet love,