My Favorite Hair Tools

Four Tools, Four Different Styles

Life’s too short for boring hair! There are some things you just can’t change like your eye color, height and face shape, but one thing that you can easily change is your hair!! You don’t even have to get it cut or colored, simply styling your hair different ways will make you look and feel different. I love to play with my hair especially based on my mood and what I’m wearing. So I’m sharing my favorite hair tools to inspire you to try something different in your hair game!

Traditional Flat Iron

When it come to a flat iron, this is such an essential hair tool to have in your collection. It allows for you to create a multitude of styles based on the technique you use. It’s also an easy tool to handle as it simply glides over your hair, creating smooth and fizz free locks. I often use mine to create beach waves while I also use it to completely straighten my hair or add some bend to my ends and bangs.

Upgraded Curling Iron

Now with a curling iron, it’s hard to beat having the barrel and clip action that many of us grew up with. It’s time to step it up though as there are some great enhanced versions on the market now! I highly recommend considering one that has a built-in fan for major volume and curls that last for days. It sets your style perfectly while achieving tight or loose curls depending on the technique you use. Game changer!

Hot Brush

Okay this hair tool has completely stolen the show recently! A hot brush allows you to easily achieve salon worthy blowouts at home. It’s super simple to use with no more two arms at a time action going anymore. Not to mention it saves a ton of time as it allows you to obviously blow dry and style your hair all at once. It also creates a ton of volume. Plus, it’s just fun to use and looks fancy…sold!

Modernized Crimper

So I’m pretty sure by now that it’s fairly obvious I’m an 80’s baby. I mean talking about volume (aka Big Hair) and curling irons! It will then come at no surprise that I love to mix in a funky crimped style here and there, especially when on vacation! Now there’s a modern take on this type of style with hair tools that are a cross between a waver and crimper. They are crazy easy to use and create the most fun mermaid like style that lasts for days…hence why it’s perfect for those vacay days!

Hair Tools Wrap

That’s a wrap on my current favorite hair tools! Which is your favorite or one that you would love to try on your hair? Hair tools can definitely be an investment so be sure to look at return policies or maybe consider starting with a more cost effective option first. If you love it, you can always upgrade it later. Head to my “shop” page where I’m linking hair tools at all price points for you!

Here’s to good hair days only!