Affordable Home Refresh

This Lindsay Letters Co. “Come on In” Art makes for the perfect entry!

Okay, we are stuck in the middle of Winter dreaming of Spring so why not do a little affordable home refresh to brighten things up a bit?! I don’t know about you but one thing I’ve figured out in decorating a home is that you’ve got to create a space you truly want to be in. Something that gives you all the feels, ya know?? I swear it’s just what the doctor ordered to kick those Winter blues and jumpstart Spring!!

Affordable Decor Ideas

When it comes to refreshing your home, you don’t need to completely rehab entire spaces. Rather pick a few old decor pieces to swap out with new ones or add some new decor accents here and there. One thing that can make a big impact are rugs. Now rugs can get pricey quickly so you’ve got to know where to shop. Target can be a trusty source as well as Wayfair, Boutique Rugs, Amazon, At Home, Well Woven and Rugs USA. Try looking around during any holidays to snag as you will likely hit a deal.

Another great decor piece to consider changing or adding to your spaces is greenery. It can really help to break a room up and give a slight punch of color and brightness. With greenery often comes vases which is another simple item that can refresh. Wooden accents like chains and garland often add an effortless touch. Throw pillows and blankets are perfect items to enhance a space. Even something as simple as a new candle can make a change. Some affordable places to snag these types of items include Amazon, Target, T.J. Maxx, Walmart, At Home, Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.

If you don’t want to buy anything new at all, get creative and use what you’ve already have! We do this all the time. You can rearrange your current decor by moving pieces around from one room to another. You can also make spray paint your best friend and change up the color on any current piece in your home. We’ve spray painted several items with success including picture frames, metal bar stools, lanterns, books and more. It actually can make for a fun weekend project!

Soak In That Home Refresh

Now that you have some ideas to consider, again remember to keep in mind the type of atmosphere that you truly want to be in on a daily basis. Something that makes you feel happy and content. Your home is your safe haven so you want to feel comfortable and relaxed at all times. Definitely keep colors and pattern choices in mind as that will set the entire tone to your spaces. Most important, enjoy your home with family and friends!

Happy refresh,