Valentine’s Drink

Champagne deserves a pretty glass!

Cue the hearts and violins! It’s almost Valentine’s Day!! With the holiday falling on a Monday this year, I say go out over the weekend and then celebrate in on the actual holiday. Keep the evening simple but add a touch of pink and red with a love filled Valentine’s drink

Valentine’s Drink Supplies

This Valentine’s drink is a super easy and fun one, friends! All you need is your favorite bottle (or individual serving) of champagne. I recommend sticking with a dryer option to ensure the drink doesn’t get overly sweet. Next, grab some sprinkles of choice for the rim of your glasses. Last, snag some Starbursts…yep, some candy for Valentine’s. I suggest getting the mini unwrapped pieces. It will make the drink that much easier!

Time to Mix It Up

To prepare the drink, grab your favorite champagne glasses. I’ve been using coupe glasses lately to serve champs as love the different look and feel of it. First, coat the rim of your glasses with water and dip in sprinkles. If you really want to sweeten things up, you could use frosting instead of water to coat the glass! Next, pour your glasses full of champagne. Then, drop 1-2 pieces of Starbursts into the bottom of your glasses. They may take some time to dissolve so be patient…hence why the mini pieces are a better option. Once dissolved, you will have a pretty colored and tasting champagne cocktail!

Drink it Up

Now it’s time to clink those glasses and sip away! You can certainly add in any extra garnishes to boost the Valentine’s feel, like hard rock candies. Whatever your heart desires! The best part is you will have extra Starbursts to enjoy or to make another round of these fun and easy drinks for a different occasion in the future!

Wishing you a day full of lots of love…and yummy a Valentine’s drink!!

Happy Valentine’s Day,