5 Tips for Buying Affordable Sunglasses

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A great pair of sunglasses are the ultimate accessory to your outfit! Not to mention they help to protect our peepers from the intense sun, which is pretty important. There is an overwhelming amount of options available when it comes to sunglasses shopping and prices can go up quickly. If you don’t want to break the bank but also don’t want to sacrifice quality on your next pair of sunnies, here are 5 tips for buying affordable sunglasses you need to know!

UV Protection

When it comes to buying affordable sunglasses, you should consider the type of UV protection. “According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, you should choose sunglasses that block 99% to 100% of UVA and UVB rays, and UV 400-protected sunglasses do this.” Note that a darker color of lenses has nothing to do with the UV protection. If you can’t easily find this on a brand’s website, ask in the Q&A section. You can also take your sunglasses to an optical shop to be UV tested.


Polarization is another consideration when snagging your next sunnies. “Polarized sunglasses are coated with a chemical filter that cuts glare. They work by blocking the light waves bouncing off horizontal surfaces. Polarized lenses are helpful when you’re driving or participating in sports.” If you find yourself squinting a lot when you are wearing sunglasses, polarization may be a good option for you to alleviate eye strain.

Lenses Quality

As far as lenses quality goes in your affordable sunglasses, there are usually glass and plastic options to consider. With glass lenses, these are usually scratch resistant and offer the clearest vision. They tend to be heavier and not as impact resistant though. Plastic lenses are lightweight, durable and less expensive than glass. Therefore, the majority of lenses are made of plastic given their durability and cost effectiveness.

Frame Quality

Sunglass frames are often made from wood, metal, titanium, alloys (a mixture of metals) or plastic. Plastic is the most common given it’s the least expensive option. Blended nylon plastic can be the best given it’s lightweight, flexible and durable. Ensure to also check resistance in corrosion, water and sweat as well as consider nose pad and hinge features of the frame.


When it comes to sunglass style, many affordable options offer trendy styles but the quality is most important. So be sure to check the UV, polarization, lenses and frame quality first before falling in love with a pair just because of the style. Pick a style based on your face shape too and not just what is trendy. Here is a quick guide:

Round Face: rectangular or square

Square Face: round or aviator

Oval: square or aviator

Diamond: round or rimless

Heart: round or geometric

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Picking affordable yet high quality sunglasses is no joke! It’s not just about looking cool but also protecting your eyes. Hope these tips help you to snag a pair that you and your eyes love!

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