Spring Wardrobe Staples

Don’t Forget a good pair of sunnies for Spring, too!

The first day of Spring is this week…woohoo! That means it’s time to start your Spring shopping if you haven’t already. Yes, most of us think about adding some color and patterns to our wardrobe this time of year; however, starting with some great staple pieces will help to create the base of your outfits. You can then add splashes of fun from there. So here are some Spring wardrobe staples to pull from your closet or snag now to start the season off right!

Spring Tops

As far as staple Spring tops go, keep them basic so you can build off of them easily. Invest in a nice white tee that you absolutely love and can’t live without. Such a staple base layer that you can dress up or down in no time. A white bodysuit is another great piece to have in your closet. Another solid base layer to build from. Lastly, a white button down is hands down a must have item for your Spring wardrobe. You can keep it simple or get creative and wear multiple ways for a completely different look.

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Spring Staple Bottoms

When it comes to your Spring wardrobe staples, start by grabbing some great bottoms to set the tone of your outfits. Every woman needs a ‘fit like a glove’ pair of jeans that you can throw on with any outfit, feel great in and go. If you already have a pair of jeans you love, consider adding in a white or cream pair to brighten your look. You will also want a solid pair of jean shorts. Such a staple piece to dress up or down all Spring. Consider a statement pair with an asymmetrical waistline for a trendy touch. Lastly, a black skirt or dress is an essential piece to add to your closet given it’s versatility.

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Outerwear for Spring

For Spring outerwear, there are three basic must have pieces for your closet. A denim jacket is the most iconic outerwear item for us women. It’s the perfect jacket to wear with anything from shorts to a dress. If you already have one you love, consider grabbing in another color like white or black. Spring can bring rainy days so a trench coat is another must have piece. Such a classic look. A blazer is also an essential piece to have in your closet. White, tan or black will get the most use but if you want to play with a pastel or bright color for a pop that would be equally as nice.

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Staple Spring Shoes

To complete your Spring wardrobe staples, you will need some shoe options. A trendy and easy go to are a great pair of white sneakers. They go with everything and add a pop to your feet. A pair of nude heels are also a must to dress up any of your outfits. Block heels will keep you trendy and comfortable. Lastly, a pair of neutral sandals are a great staple shoe for your spring outfits to slide on and go. Not to mention easy to pack for any trips!

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Who’s ready for Spring now? Keep it simple to start and add pops of color through accessories or clothing pieces you find and love. Time to look through your closet to see what you have and then shop for what you don’t or need to update!

Happy Spring,