Affordable Swimsuit Cover-Ups

This Semi-Sheer Cover-Up Skirt is Super Chic & Affordable!

Along with finding the perfect swimsuit comes finding the perfect cover-up, too! Honestly I like cover-ups more than swimsuits myself and love overpacking them on our vacations. They are so convenient to throw on and many of them often style into an outfit super easily. As far as finding Affordable swimsuit cover-ups, Amazon is the way to go!

Classic Swim Cover

If you are looking for a classic and versatile cover-up, a button down is hard to beat. Something in a gauze material looks super chic while providing good coverage while still light and airy. When it comes to selecting a color, go with a neutral tone so you can get a ton of use out of it and easily style into an outfit if needed. Also, look for something with a bit of a longer length so it can double as a dress. Here are a few of my favorites: Button Down Tunic (Free People feels) and Crinkled Button Down

Flirty Cover-Up

Nothing looks more resort than a cover-up in a crochet material. Not to mention it will keep you extra cool and comfortable given how breathable it is. When it comes to style you can play with a dress, skirt, shorts or pants in this material. This also can be a fun style to throw on a belt with to elevate your swim look. Here are a few I love: Crochet Dress and Crochet Skirt

Fun Covers

When it comes to a fun and trendy cover-up look, consider an oversized graphic tee, terry cloth shorts set or kimono. These are cute ways to spice up your swim outfit while also being super comfy and casual. These will absolutely double up as an outfit if you want to throw on quickly for another activity, like from beach to bar. Here are a few that make the cut for me: Oversized Graphic Tee, Terry Cloth Shorts Set and Kimono.

Now who’s ready for vacay mode? This girl certainly is and can’t wait to have a swimsuit and cover-up on with a cocktail in my hand!

Happy Spring Travel,