Basics Fall Fashion Trends 2022

More fall fashion trends for you! Last round I shared the hot pink trend, and it seems that the majority of you enjoy the pop of color concept. Traditional fall colors are hard to beat but adding in a bold color here and there can definitely make for a fun outfit moment. If I were to try it, I would go probably opt for a hot pink satin top paired up with jeans or leather pants. Up on the fall trend radar next is one we probably can all get behind…basics! So let’s chat all about basics fall fashion trends 2022.

Basics Fall Fashion

This trend is one that everyone can achieve and likely already are! Nothing beats the simplicity and effortless look of a solid basic as your base. You have so many options in the styles and fits of basics you can wear as well as the color. One brand that I am leaning into for basics at a reasonable price and good quality lately is Abercrombie. They have an “essentials collection” that is hard to beat. Closet staples that will stand the test of time and go with everything! I recommend snagging white, tan and black pieces, especially in a bundle option if available.

Basics Fashion Options


Can we say this trend is the best one so far? Definitely hits high on my list given these are timeless pieces so spending money on them is worth it!