Statement Coats Fall Fashion Trends 2022

More fall fashion trends coming at you! Last round I shared the basics trend, which we all pretty much agreed was the best trend yet, and the one we will wear the most. A plain white tank or tee is just hard to beat so if it’s on trend, count us in! Wear them alone or layered with your favorite fall pieces on repeat. Up on the fall trend radar next is one to add some boldness to your closet…statement coats! So let’s chat all about the statement coats fall fashion trends 2022.

Statement Coats Fall Fashion

This trend is a great way to add some spice to your wardrobe! Now you probably don’t want to load your closet up with nothing but statement coats, but adding in a few will definitely make for some head turning entrances. You have so many options as far as how bold you want to get in your coat selection from standout colors and/or prints and patterns. Remember hot pink is on trend this fall so a coat incorporating that color could be a real winner. If you worry you won’t wear a coat with pattern enough, instead opt for a pretty solid color that you feel the most confident and “you” in.

Statement Coats Fashion Options


Who’s adding a statement coat to their closet this Fall/Winter? I have to say I snagged a pretty blue coat last season and ended up absolutely loving it. I wore it all the time and got loads of compliments on it. I’m excited to be pull it out again soon!