Simple Home Living Room

The living room is where we veg and relax so creating an ultra comfortable vibe was our focus! We kept with neutral, calm colors and added warmth with wood elements and texturized pieces. We also put our attention and money into large furniture pieces rather than a bunch of smaller pieces to fill the space and avoid the feeling of clutter.

We landed on a comfy, oversized cream colored sectional couch in a high performance basketweave fabric to add brightness and coziness. A large round coffee table adds interest and feels like art. Finding the perfect chair for our bay windows was a bit of a challenge, but in time we ultimately landed on an oversized swivel chair option, which is perfect for the space and views.

Adding a fireplace was the highlight of the area though as it’s a grand and cozy aspect that is perfect for a large focal wall and tall ceilings. We added some color and texture with roman clay paint, which really provided a pop we were needing in the space. Cozy ottomans sit in front to soak up the feature.

Lastly, we added some details of a statement cabinet with special keepsakes, art and vases as well as a console table for a lamp and storage baskets. Lastly, a large round mirror makes the room feel even larger and a fun tall lamp brings in extra light.

We would love to add some beams or shiplap to the ceiling in time so we will be saving our pennies for that future detail project! Overall, it’s a perfect place to be lazy, soak up the sunshine and city views!

Design Boards vs The Turnout

Designed by Hollander Home Style

Space in Action

Hope this helps to provide some more simple home inspiration!