Simple Home Primary Bedroom

Your primary bedroom is your resting retreat so creating a simple and calming space was our mission here! Like the rest of our home, we kept with neutral, relaxing colors and added warmth and texture by mixing fabrics, woods and metals.

We kept with a low profile bed that has beautiful fabric detailing, and the style of it helps in making the bed much easier. We also invested in a Saatva mattress with remote functionality to elevate our head and feet – we love it! We additionally added a bench to the end of the bed for a spot to easily put on shoes and to add some brightness and texture.

We then placed simple black nightstands with gold handles on each side of the bed. We also opted for a statement dresser to provide additional storage and to put a flatscreen TV above – wish we would have went with a frame TV instead. To keep the space decluttered, we have only added the necessities in decor like lamps, charging trays and an alarm clock.

For additional pops of color, we added an area rug and a large piece of art. We plan to add a little more art in time and highly recommend Juniper Print Shop prints as well as buying affordable frames from Amazon. A floor mirror has greatly helped make the room feel a bit larger. Ultimately, custom curtains were the best investment for us given all of our windows and the need for darkness, privacy, as well as adding more texture and brightness to the space – TwoPages is the most affordable custom option as we researched several!

Design Boards vs The Turnout

Space in Action

Hope this provides some simple, calming and relaxing bedroom ideas for your home!