Easy Summer Hairstyles

This “Easy Breezy” graphic tee is oh so soft & pairs perfectly with a tousled summer hairstyle!

Summer brings the heat and therefore often breezy beach or pool days so sometimes you want your hair out of your face! When I think of summer hairstyles, the first thing that comes to mind is waves, twists and braids. Here are three easy summer hairstyles that will keep you cool and in style at the beach, pool or any other summer activity!

Hairstyle Supplies

When creating easy summer hairstyles, you will just need a few supplies. Always keep a stock of clear elastic hair ties and scrunchies on hand as well as a waver tool. As far as hair products, a good texture spray and hairspray are essential to create the perfect finish and hold your styles in place.

Summer Hairstyles Creation

To create a twist look, which we called a “topsy tail” during my younger years, you will part your hair and create a ponytail using a clear elastic with one front small section of your hair. Once secure, you will loosen the ponytail, divide it in the middle and then flip the ends of your hair through. Tighten the ponytail, and you have created a twisted look. Repeat on the other side for a completed style!

You can continue to build off this simple hairstyle by grabbing a scrunchie to create a half-up hairstyle. Just grab a chuck of hair directly behind both of your front twisted ponytails and secure all hair together with the scrunchie. Keep the ends of all hair tuck in the scrunchie rather than pulled all the way through for a bun like look on the top. That’s it!

If still wanting a different look you can build off of your two twisted ponytails in another way. This time, grab two more clear elastic hair ties. You will work down from your original twisted ponytail by taking two sections over the ends and securing with an elastic. You are going to make another “topsy tail” now with ends of the new ponytail, ensuring not to pull any of the original hair in. Complete on other side, and another fun summer hairstyle is complete!

That’s a Wrap on Summer Hair!

Remember summer hairstyles are all about that tousled look so don’t overthink these too much or be afraid to play around with different looks! You often find a style you love when you are least expecting it. If you want to see these creations in action, be sure to check out in my latest reel that shows the entire process of each. Here’s to creating some fun summer hair together…tag me with your creations and inspirations!

Happy Hair Days,